About Us

Welcome to www.shoparz.com

www.shoparz.com is a new Marketplace website aiming at promoting eCommerce and online shopping, specially amongst Maldivians and generally everybody willing to participate. 

What if we could gather together all the enthusiastic small traders, crafters, manufacturers, designer-makers, entrepreneurs and artists in Maldives* and put them in one place?

We are here to support all retailers, makers and believers, whether it’s short eats makers, areca nut crackers, home gardeners, hobbyists, pet owners or breeders, farmers, crafts, black smiths, gold smiths, iron works, welding or making clothes! We welcome services, sellers, buyers, new companies and shops so browse and feel free to take as long as you need.

We wanted to give the  businesses, the ones that create beautiful, unique goods, a place to grow.

You’re probably wondering what makes us different.

Why would you choose to buy from shoparz Marketplace?

1.    You can find the best independent businesses easily. shoparz Marketplace is all about big and small, independent businesses – and bringing their talent to discerning buyers.

2.    You’ll be supporting the best independent businesses. Our sellers don’t pay any listing fees, so it gives the tiniest companies a chance to get going.

3.    There’s nothing ordinary about our sellers. Because we support the big and small businesses alike, we attract the most exciting people. And that means you can find the most beautiful, unusual treasures here.

4.    It’s the next best thing to buying local – and you can do it from the comfort of your home. You’ll find there are lower postage costs and less impact on the environment.

We wish we can make this website (www.shoparz.com) the best for everybody but we don't think that it is possible but, we thought we can try make this website useful and good for a lot of people with your support.

Using English language in these websites is something indispensable and a lot of people may prefer English over Dhivehi therefore, English can be seen as the major language player here. However, we have tried to implement Dhivehi in some areas of the website and due to that, you may encounter some errors, inconsistencies and some mistakes at many places. If you found any such problems, please bring it to our attention by using the contact form

We thank you in advance for all your support and all constructive criticisms, suggestions and recommendations are highly appreciated.

We have used ideas, images, texts, full and part articles, news, etc, and sometimes, functions and in general, whatever we feel is good from local websites and other websites. We are thankful to the owners of those websites which we used their materials without their consent, BUT if they are not happy about using their copyrighted material in this website, we will try to honor it at our best and quickest as we can to solve the issue. Thanks a lot for your support and encouragement.

I accept and understand that there maybe some copyrighted material included and seen from the website and I have not yet approached them or sought their approval for including those in this site. If the rightful owners of such material found them being used in here is illegal and not allowed, I take total responsibility of it and I would be happy to remove them immediately.

We (Maldivians) are still living in more than 175 small islands sparsely spread all about the country. Living standards, available facilities, and other resources distributed among them have a big difference. Even today, sometimes, it is not easy to get some very basic items to fulfill ones immediate needs from where one is located. That is where shoparz comes into play!!!

Why, you may ask, is this service important? It is because we feel that we all need goods and services. For example, one may be living in a remote island and need an adult diaper for one’s loved ones. Another may be doing some electrical repair work at his home in a far away island, requiring something for their work but unfortunately, they are not available in their residence island. shoparz is here to try to cater to the buyer’s needs.

shoparz is here to try to give the service to those who need it. shoparz website will have different types of products and services available for immediate buy however, especially at this early stage, shoparz website may not have a lot of products and services available for ones use as seen from many other already established businesses, websites and other such places. However, we will strive to keep adding more products to shoparz website inventory.

Thanks for visiting and reading.


*Maldives and Maldivians are the main target here however, anybody from anywhere in the world can join and start selling on this shoparz platform.